Hypno-photography: How two hobbies became one to help with body confidence.

Updated: Feb 14

People affected by one area of low-confidence will find that it will gradually affect their c

onfidence in most areas of their lives and can quickly spiral out of control.

For me it has very much been about body confidence and negative body image. I’ll keep this to the point. My stomach - or 'mumtum' as it is so affectionately referred to - now ironically looks like a vagina after having two kids 20 months apart.

I’ve cried about it, I’ve laughed about it but behind the rolls and wobbly bits, there is a mum who, of course loves her kids, but misses being the sexy wife, partner, WOMAN.

Last year I qualified as a hypnotherapist, something I have always had an interest in and found not only could I help others, I really found it changed a lot for myself.

I of course, love taking pictures of people, especially mammies and their kids.

But all I kept hearing was “don’t get my belly in the shot” and “don’t get the fat arm in” and while I wanted to scream don’t be ridiculous you look amazing and beautiful and scrumptious… that is exactly what I would have said to someone taking my photo.

Yes, we all want to lose two-stone in a week and get back into our pre-pregnancy jeans however, for those of us who aren’t celebrities, finding the time, will-power or motivation is bloody tough. And guess what, when you feel like dog shit all the time and you are unhappy with your body image, we begin to spiral, the struggle becomes harder and your confidence because almost non-existent. Then 2020 drops by with its global pandemic…. Feel like shedding those lbs now people?? No, me either.

Now, if Katie Hopkins wades in with her “if you don’t like your fat arse, put on a pair of trainers and eat less”, while in some way, yes she is right, HOWEVER, let’s just take this one step at a time (so back off, Hopkins).

The idea of using hypnotherapy techniques wipes the slate of negative emotions and beliefs clean. We can smash down all the perceptions that are standing in our way of happiness, confidence and, ultimately, success.

The photoshoot gives us a physical result. An instant representation of confidence and reinforces the messages of the hypnotherapy session. It will always be the visual moment of when your life changed because you finally had the confidence to make it happen.

I strongly believe that if you have confidence, in any aspect of your life, you can go on to achieve anything you want.

I bet you’ve seen it time and time again in your everyday lives - the smartest doesn’t always get the job. The fastest doesn’t always win come race day - it’s usually down to who is the most confident and mentally prepared. Confidence is the golden ticket to success and achieving what you want in life.

I hope this can help anyone who is struggling with body confidence and if you want to know more, drop me a message.

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