Can the gift of music really save Christmas?

Here’s hoping, right?

Well as most of you know, I love to tell a story, obviously!

My passion is of course, telling stories through photography and video content.

And then there is my love of music. I would love to say this was my hobby but I can’t sing for *coughs* and despite “learning to play” saxophone, piano, guitar and ukulele… I still can’t actually play them. But that doesn’t stop me loving it.

So I was so emotional when I was asked to do a photoshoot for a fantastic musician called Anna Reay.

Anna has really inspired me these past few months and here is why. Struck, like many, by the affects of the pandemic, her singing business started to dry up as weddings were cancelled and live shows in pubs, cruise ships and events came to a crashing halt.

In order to survive, Anna had to get creative, and there it was - Annagrams was born - singing performances brought to your doorstep!

I went to photograph and video Anna at a promotional performance (all socially distanced of course) to help her promote her Christmas doorstep performances and I tell you, I could barely hold back the tears! Even despite the pouring rain, my goosebumps had goosebumps. In this sh*tshow we call 2020 (excuse the expletive but is there any other way to describe it?), this gave me the warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas I have been missing this year.

As she (and colleague, Chris) sang all the Christmas hits that reminded me of my childhood - Mariah, East 17, Wham…. It made me remember that while this year will be different, the love for our family and loved ones is certainly not any less, if anything it’s made me hugely appreciated my family more.

The reason I love music is the same reason I love photography, it sparks an instant emotion! A memory. A chapter in your life story - sometimes the little moments, sometimes the bigger moments - but either way the memories that make our own story so personal.

And understandably, that idea has now seen Annagrams nominated for Creative Business of the Year. Congratulations Anna! I will be voting for you, for sure.

For more information visit or search Annagrams on social.

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